About Dark Moth

Dark Moth is where the cauldron is always on the fire and black cats are considered to be furry creatures of good luck. It's the place where Dracula has his spot on the couch and the critters of the night sing songs of Day and Light. Dark Moth is where goth meets punk and black meets pink and white. It is here, where dark moms come together in all their beautiful darkness, to cast their spells of love to their families... and shine.

Here is the dark happy place of all witches, gothic creatures and punk beings, thinkers, spiritual seekers and occult lovers who became mothers and wish to keep their alternative looks and unique lifestyles.

Dark Moth is a small family business that aims to keep people true to themselves, and all badass Dark Moms true to their alternative nature.

About Me

Hi! I am Katerina, owner of Dark Moth and designer of most of the stuff in here. I am a dark mom myself, raising with my loving husband three wonderful children. Allthough I am more of a winter person, I live in the sunny side of this planet, Greece. I hold a bachelor degree in Advertising & Marketing, but my deepest love has always been Art. So, along with my basic studies I have also studied History of the Arts and Traditional Byzantine Jewelry Making. I also hold a Certificate in Natural History Illustration and I am a self-taught graphic designer, having participated in art and craft exhibitions.

I am a dreamer and a traveler, I love fairy-tales and ghost stories, witches and herbs, books and poems. My favorite color is black, I find bats cute and ravens wise. I prefer night over day and winter over summer. I appreciate all things old and I believe in the unseen and in the magic of the world.

If you want to make me happy, stay up late with me under the moon or walk with me in an autumn forest. If you want to make me smile, bring me wildflowers and chocolate or a hot cup of coffee in a warm winter house.