Find your path sip by sip.

Find your path sip by sip.

We live in a world that makes us forget ourselves and consider certain attitudes of dignity as egotistic and selfish. We loose our path. We forget our spirit and drown in materialism. We overstress our minds with non important things and we can't control our thoughts, holding them back, far from kindness and positivity. We feel a constant threat, because, yes, there is one. It's nothing more and nothing less than the way we choose to see things.

This is a short guide to help you bring the healing and comfort you need in your life, through the magical effects of tea. 


Choose your magic potion. 

There is some magic in every cup of tea. Prepare it with love and peacefulness, then serve it in a beautiful cup. Don't just pop a tea bag in water, you need to take some time in preparing it. Be patient and calm.

Sometimes we feel lost and we don't know which way to go. We have to remember that there is no dead end. Just take a path and walk, there is always light at the end of it, because, no matter what, eventually you will have gained a better self just by walking... sip by sip. 


1. Your path to self-love.

Honor yourself. Honor your beliefs. Come in peace with your past and in love with your future. Make yourself a warm tea with Tulsi, Chamomile and Rose. 

Tulsi is known as the most sacred plant in the world. It infuses you with all its divine energy and brings light and beauty in your soul. Chamomile is a wonderful herb for calming and soothing, promoting inner balance. Rose has a very strong connection to the heart. It heals the heart, opens the heart and brings in more love. 


2. Your path to spirituality.

Accept your spirit‑self. Leave aside materialism. Seek for the celestial wisdom and open your ears to your inner voice. Prepare yourself a soothing cup of tea with Lavender and Saffron.
Lavender is an excellent spiritually rejuvenating herb that quiets your ego voice, bringing a deeper spiritual understanding. Saffron is like a golden key that unlocks the mysteries of the Universe and allows you to see into deep, esoteric secrets, connecting you to the spiritual world. This is a must-drink for a spiritual seeker.   


3. Your path to mental health.

Stay calm, be patient, think positive. Fill up your mind with light and kindness. Be thankful for the sun in the morning and the moon in the evening. Take a moment and enjoy a cup of ginger tea.  
Ginger is spicy and delicious and it's well known for enhancing circulation. That way it boosts your mood and makes your thoughts clear. It benefits how our brain ages, memory function, attention, anxiety and depression. Try to add a lemon peal in your warm ginger tea and allow it to steam under your nose. The lemon’s essential oils will diffuse and the lemon oil vapor will bring on relaxation. 


4. Your path to self-protection.

Hold your shield with the left hand and put your right one on your sward. Don't attack. Just be ready for defence. Know your weaknesses. Boil some water and infuse rosemary, sage and mint.
This light & herby tea delivers emotional and spiritual protection. It assists with negative thoughts and nightmares, and boosts a protective barrier against emotional attacks. Sage is a cleansing and protective herb, rosemary is great for purifying the auric field and mint keeps out any unwanted energies. 


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